arcgis.features.enrich_data module

These functions help you explore the character of areas. Detailed demographic data and statistics are returned for your chosen areas.

enrich_layer retrieves information about the people, places, and businesses in a specific area, or within a selected travel time or distance from a location.


enrich_data.enrich_layer(data_collections=[], analysis_variables=[], country=None, buffer_type=None, distance=None, units=None, output_name=None, context=None, gis=None)

The enrich_layer function enriches your data by getting facts about the people, places, and businesses that surround your data locations. For example: What kind of people live here? What do people like to do in this area? What are their habits and lifestyles? What kind of businesses are there in this area?The result will be a new layer of input features that includes all demographic and geographic information from given data collections.

input_layerRequired layer (see Feature Input in documentation)

Feature layer to enrich with new data

data_collectionsOptional list of strings

Data collections you wish to add to your features.

analysis_variablesOptional list of strings

A subset of specific variables instead of dataCollections.

countryOptional string

The two character country code that specifies the country of the input features. Eg. US (United States), FR (France), GB (United Kingdom) etc.

buffer_typeOptional string

Area to be created around the point or line features for enrichment. Default is 1 Mile straight-line buffer radius.

distanceOptional float

A double value that defines the straight-line distance or time (when drivingTime is used).

unitsOptional string

The unit (eg. Miles, Minutes) to be used with the distance value(s) specified in the distance parameter to calculate the area.

output_nameOptional string

Additional properties such as output feature service name.

contextOptional string

Additional settings such as processing extent and output spatial reference.

gis :

Optional, the GIS on which this tool runs. If not specified, the active GIS is used.

enriched_layer : layer (FeatureCollection)