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Analysing the factors of growth and spatial distribution of Airbnb properties across New York City


Airbnb properties across cities are a great alternative for travellers to find comparatively cheaper accommodation. It also provides homeowners opportunities to utilize spare or unused rooms as an additional income source. However in recent times the alarming spread of Airbnb properties has become a topic of debate among the public and the city authorities across the world.

Considering the above, a study is carried out in this sample notebook to understand the factors that are fuelling widespread growth in the number of Airbnb listings. These might include location characteristics of concerned neighbourhoods (which in this case, NYC census tracts) and as well as qualitative information about the inhabitants residing in them. The goal is to help city planners deal with the negative externalities of the Airbnb phenomenon (and similar short term rentals) by making informed decision on framing suitable policies.

The primary data is downloaded from the Airbnb website for the city of New York. Other data includes 2019 and 2017 census data using Esri's enrichment services, and various other datasets from the NYCOpenData portal.

Necessary Imports

In [1]:
%matplotlib inline
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

from datetime import datetime as dt
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
from IPython.display import display, HTML
from IPython.core.pylabtools import figsize
import seaborn as sns

# Machine Learning models
from sklearn.linear_model import LinearRegression
from sklearn.ensemble import RandomForestRegressor, GradientBoostingRegressor
from sklearn.model_selection import train_test_split
from sklearn.model_selection import cross_val_score
import sklearn.metrics as metrics
from sklearn import preprocessing

# Arcgis api imports
import arcgis
from arcgis.geoenrichment import Country
from arcgis.features import summarize_data
from arcgis.features.enrich_data import enrich_layer
from arcgis.features import SpatialDataFrame
from arcgis.features import use_proximity 
from arcgis.gis import GIS
from arcgis.features import summarize_data
In [2]:
gis = GIS('home')

Access the NYC Airbnb and Tracts dataset

Airbnb Data - It contains information about 48,000 Airbnb properties available in New York as of 2019. These include location of the property, its neighbourhood characters and transit facilities available, information about the owner, details of the room including number of bedrooms etc., and rental price per night.

NYC Tracts - It is a polygon shapefile consisting 2167 tracts of New York City, including area of the tracts along with unique id for each tract.

In [3]:
# Accessing NYCTracts
nyc_tract_full ='NYCTractData owner:api_data_owner', 'feature layer')[0]
Feature Layer Collection by api_data_owner
Last Modified: August 14, 2019
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In [4]:
nyc_tracts_layer = nyc_tract_full.layers[0]
In [5]:
# Accessing airbnb NYC
airbnb_nyc2019 ='AnBNYC2019 owner:api_data_owner', 'feature layer')[0]
Feature Layer Collection by api_data_owner
Last Modified: September 30, 2019
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In [6]:
airbnb_layer = airbnb_nyc2019.layers[0]

Visualizing dataset

In [7]:
# NYC Tracts
m1 ='New York City')