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Detecting Super Blooms Using Satellite Image Classification


The normally arid deserts in South California sprang into bright yellow, pink, and violet hues in year 2019, and attracted a huge crowd of visitors to the fields as to watch thousands of wildflowers open up. Such floral outbursts commonly occur after heavy rain falls on arid locales. For example, the unusually strong rains in Chile, 2015, caused the wildflowers to bloom in Atacama Desert.

The Walker Canyon fields of orange flowers had been mega popular for Spring 2019 (as shown in Fig 1), and attracted tens of thousands of visitors trying to see flowers and take selfies who then caused gridlock on Interstate 15 and city streets around the trailhead, and later Lake Elsinore officials temporarily closed the access due to this poppy apocalypse [1].

Fig 1. Photo of Poppy Blooming 2019 at Lake Elsinore, CA