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Extracting Building Footprints From Drone Data

  • 🔬 Data Science
  • 🥠 Deep Learning and pixel-based classification


Building footprints is a required layer in lot of mapping exercises, for example in basemap preparation, humantitarian aid and disaster management, transportation and a lot of other applications it is a critical component.Traditionally GIS analysts delineate building footprints by digitizing aerial and high resolution satellite imagery.

This sample shows how ArcGIS API for Python can be used to train a deep learning model to extract building footprints from drone data. The models trained can be used with ArcGIS Pro or ArcGIS Enterprise and even support distributed processing for quick results.

For this sample we will be using data which originates from USAA and covers the region affected by Woolsey fires. The Imagery used here is an orthomosaic of data acquired just after the fires using an optical sensor on drone with a spatial resolution of 30cm.