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ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt

Download tile cache (online)

Create a tile cache from an online service, in this case, from the World Street Maps service from ArcGIS Online. The service you use must support the exportTiles operation. Use the instructions in Step 1 to draw the extent your tile cache will cover. Specify a local path to export the cache to. Optionally, specify whether to export the cache as a tile package (.tpk file). Click the Create tile cache button to create the tile cache and save it to the specified path. The default settings for Level of Detail in this sample result in four scale levels in the new cache. Zoom to various map scales using the mouse wheel or the +/- keys. The tile contents will change when you zoom to one of the scale levels. If the resulting cache is empty, try adjusting either zoom level just before you select the extent or the level of detail setting to ensure tiles are created at the scale levels you specify.