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ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt

Service table layer (online)

Features within the current map extent are retrieved and stored in the feature service table. As the map extent changes, additional features are requested for the newly visible areas. The service enforces a maximum number of features returned per query. The red points in the map are the active features from the Block Point feature layer. The blue points in the map are those graphics from the Census dynamic layer. Blue points are only visible when the feature layer has returned the maximum number of features it can and there is no red point available to overlay the blue point. Pan to a new area to activate the features in that extent. Zoom out about three levels (three mouse wheel clicks or press the down arrow key three times). You should notice blue points appear from the dynamic layer. The feature layer has returned its maximum number of records. Zoom in, and you should notice that red points replace some blue points when you release the mouse. click an active feature to view its attributes.