ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt QML API: WmsDynamicMapServiceLayer Class Reference
ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt QML API  10.2.6
WmsDynamicMapServiceLayer Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for WmsDynamicMapServiceLayer:
DynamicLayer Layer RuntimeObject


string url
- Properties inherited from DynamicLayer
float brightness
float contrast
float gamma
- Properties inherited from Layer
string copyrightText
UserCredentials credentials
SpatialReference defaultSpatialReference
string description
string error
Envelope extent
Envelope fullExtent
int layerId
Enums::LayerType layerType
string layerTypeString
list< LayerLegendInfolegend
Map map
double maxScale
double minScale
string name
double opacity
double progress
double resolution
list< double > resolutionList
string serviceDescription
SpatialReference spatialReference
Enums::LayerStatus status
string statusString
url thumbnail
string url
bool visible
- Properties inherited from RuntimeObject
string objectType


 urlChanged ()
- Signals inherited from DynamicLayer
 brightnessChanged ()
 contrastChanged ()
 gammaChanged ()
- Signals inherited from Layer
 ThumbnailUrlChanged ()
- Signals inherited from RuntimeObject
 error (RuntimeError error)
 objectChanged ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Methods inherited from DynamicLayer
 refresh ()
- Methods inherited from Layer
 initialize ()
bool moveDown ()
bool moveToBottom ()
bool moveToTop ()
bool moveUp ()

Detailed Description

Represents a dynamic layer created from a Web Map Service.

Other functionality now available in the corresponding class of the C++ API are planned for a later release of the QML API.

Method Descriptions

WmsDynamicMapServiceLayer::urlChanged ( )

Signal emitted after the url property changes.

Property Descriptions


The URL to the WMS dynamic map service.