ZipFileInfo QML Type

Information about files in Zip compressed archive files. More...

Import Statement: import Esri.ArcGISExtras 1.1
Since: Esri.ArcGISExtras 1.0



Detailed Description

Property Documentation

compressedSize : string

Returns the compressed file size in bytes as a string (read-only).

crc : double

Returns the cyclic redundancy check (CRC) code for the file (read-only).

fileName : string

Returns the name of the file not including the path (read-only).

filePath : string

Returns the file name, including the path (read-only).

lastModified : string

Returns the date and time the file was last modified (read-only).

path : string

Returns the path to the file not including the file name (read-only).

size : string

Returns the uncompressed file size in bytes as a string (read-only).

suffix : string

Returns all the characters in the file name after the last dot (read-only).

Signal Documentation


Emitted when the filePath property of this object changes.

Note: The corresponding handler is onFilePathChanged.

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