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ArcGISFeatureListModel Class


A list model storing a list of ArcGISFeature objects More...

Header: #include <ArcGISFeatureListModel>
Since: Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.6
Inherits: QAbstractListModel and Iterable<ArcGISFeature *>

Public Functions

ArcGISFeature *at(int index) const
bool contains(ArcGISFeature *feature) const
QList<Feature *> features(QObject *parent = nullptr) const
ArcGISFeature *first() const
int indexOf(ArcGISFeature *feature) const
bool isEmpty() const
ArcGISFeature *last() const

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

A list model storing a list of ArcGISFeature objects

Member Function Documentation



ArcGISFeature *ArcGISFeatureListModel::at(int index) const

Returns the map feature at the specified index.

bool ArcGISFeatureListModel::contains(ArcGISFeature *feature) const

Returns true if the provided feature is in the list model.

QList<Feature *> ArcGISFeatureListModel::features(QObject *parent = nullptr) const

Returns all features in the model in a QList as Feature objects.

An optional parent may be provided to set the parent for all objects.

Use this method to get a list of features for use with FeatureLayer::selectFeatures.

See also Returned QObjects Parenting.

ArcGISFeature *ArcGISFeatureListModel::first() const

Returns the first feature in the list model.

int ArcGISFeatureListModel::indexOf(ArcGISFeature *feature) const

Returns the index of the provided feature in the list model.

bool ArcGISFeatureListModel::isEmpty() const

Returns true if this list model is empty.

ArcGISFeature *ArcGISFeatureListModel::last() const

Returns the last feature in the list model.

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