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DirectionManeuverType Class


Enumerates the types of direction maneuvers on a route. More...

Since: Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.0

Detailed Description

Enumerates the types of direction maneuvers on a route.

The DirectionManeuverType can be one of:

DirectionManeuverType::Unknown (0)An unknown maneuver.
DirectionManeuverType::Stop (1)A stop maneuver.
DirectionManeuverType::Straight (2)A continue straight maneuver.
DirectionManeuverType::BearLeft (3)A bear left maneuver.
DirectionManeuverType::BearRight (4)A bear right maneuver.
DirectionManeuverType::TurnLeft (5)A left turn.
DirectionManeuverType::TurnRight (6)A right turn.
DirectionManeuverType::SharpLeft (7)A sharp left turn.
DirectionManeuverType::SharpRight (8)A sharp right turn.
DirectionManeuverType::UTurn (9)A U-turn.
DirectionManeuverType::Ferry (10)A maneuver connecting with a ferry.
DirectionManeuverType::Roundabout (11)A maneuver via roundabout.
DirectionManeuverType::HighwayMerge (12)A merge of several highways.
DirectionManeuverType::HighwayExit (13)An exit from a highway.
DirectionManeuverType::HighwayChange (14)A change of highway.
DirectionManeuverType::ForkCenter (15)A straight at fork.
DirectionManeuverType::ForkLeft (16)A left at fork.
DirectionManeuverType::ForkRight (17)A right at fork.
DirectionManeuverType::Depart (18)A departure.
DirectionManeuverType::TripItem (19)Connected with trip planning maneuver.
DirectionManeuverType::EndOfFerry (20)An end of ferry transfer.
DirectionManeuverType::RampRight (21)A maneuver to the right on a ramp.
DirectionManeuverType::RampLeft (22)A maneuver to the left on a ramp.
DirectionManeuverType::TurnLeftRight (23)A complex maneuver; turn left, then right.
DirectionManeuverType::TurnRightLeft (24)A complex maneuver; turn right, then left.
DirectionManeuverType::TurnRightRight (25)A complex maneuver; turn right, then right.
DirectionManeuverType::TurnLeftLeft (26)A complex maneuver; turn left, then left.
DirectionManeuverType::PedestrianRamp (27)A maneuver via pedestrian ramp.
DirectionManeuverType::Elevator (28)A maneuver via elevator.
DirectionManeuverType::Escalator (29)A maneuver via escalator.
DirectionManeuverType::Stairs (30)A maneuver via stairs.
DirectionManeuverType::DoorPassage (31)Passing through a door.

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