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GeodeticDistanceResult Class


A result of the GeometryEngine::distanceGeodetic method. More...

Header: #include <GeodeticDistanceResult>
Since: Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.0

Public Functions

GeodeticDistanceResult(const GeodeticDistanceResult &other)
GeodeticDistanceResult(GeodeticDistanceResult &&other)
double azimuth1() const
double azimuth2() const
AngularUnit azimuthUnit() const
double distance() const
LinearUnit distanceUnit() const
bool isEmpty() const
GeodeticDistanceResult &operator=(const GeodeticDistanceResult &other)
GeodeticDistanceResult &operator=(GeodeticDistanceResult &&other)

Detailed Description

A result of the GeometryEngine::distanceGeodetic method.

Instances of this class represent results of the geodetic distance search using GeometryEngine.

GeodeticDistanceResult contains:

  • The distance between points.
  • The azimuth point1 towards point2 (clockwise angle between tangent vector at point1 in the direction of the curve towards point2 and meridian passing through point1).
  • The azimuth point2 towards point1

Azimuths are expressed as a clockwise angle between the meridian passing through the point and the tangent vector at the point in the direction of the curve towards the other point.

Member Function Documentation


Default constructor.

GeodeticDistanceResult::GeodeticDistanceResult(const GeodeticDistanceResult &other)

Copy constructor from other GeodeticDistanceResult.

GeodeticDistanceResult::GeodeticDistanceResult(GeodeticDistanceResult &&other)

Move constructor from other GeodeticDistanceResult.



double GeodeticDistanceResult::azimuth1() const

Returns azimuth at point1 towards point2, expressed in the units in the property angularUnit.

double GeodeticDistanceResult::azimuth2() const

Returns azimuth at point2 towards point1, expressed in the units in the property angularUnit.

AngularUnit GeodeticDistanceResult::azimuthUnit() const

Returns the AngularUnit of measurement for azimuth1 and azimuth2.

double GeodeticDistanceResult::distance() const

Returns the geodetic distance between the two points, expressed in the units in the property linearUnit.

LinearUnit GeodeticDistanceResult::distanceUnit() const

Returns the linear unit of measurement used for distance.

bool GeodeticDistanceResult::isEmpty() const

Returns whether the result is empty.

GeodeticDistanceResult &GeodeticDistanceResult::operator=(const GeodeticDistanceResult &other)

Assignment operator from other GeodeticDistanceResult.

GeodeticDistanceResult &GeodeticDistanceResult::operator=(GeodeticDistanceResult &&other)

Move operator from other GeodeticDistanceResult.

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