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ImmutablePointCollection Class


Represents an immutable collection of points. More...

Header: #include <ImmutablePointCollection>
Since: Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.0
Inherits: Iterable<Point>

Public Functions

ImmutablePointCollection(const ImmutablePointCollection &other)
ImmutablePointCollection(ImmutablePointCollection &&other)
int indexOf(const Point &point) const
bool isEmpty() const
Point point(int index) const
int size() const
SpatialReference spatialReference() const
ImmutablePointCollection &operator=(const ImmutablePointCollection &other)
ImmutablePointCollection &operator=(ImmutablePointCollection &&other)

Detailed Description

Represents an immutable collection of points.

This collection is used to represent the content of a Multipoint geometry. Use the Multipoint::points method to return the collection of points in a Multipoint geometry. ImmutablePointCollections can also be used as input parameters to initialize contents when constructing Parts and PartCollections.

Because geometries themselves are immutable, the collections they are composed of are also immutable. For geometry editing or creation workflows, a mutable PointCollection is used instead.

Member Function Documentation


Default constructor.

ImmutablePointCollection::ImmutablePointCollection(const ImmutablePointCollection &other)

Copy constructor from other ImmutablePointCollection.

ImmutablePointCollection::ImmutablePointCollection(ImmutablePointCollection &&other)

Move constructor from other ImmutablePointCollection.



int ImmutablePointCollection::indexOf(const Point &point) const

Gets the index of point.

Returns the index or -1 if not found.

bool ImmutablePointCollection::isEmpty() const

Gets whether the ImmutablePointCollection contains any points.

Returns true if the ImmutablePointCollection contains at least one point.

Point ImmutablePointCollection::point(int index) const

Gets the Point at index.

Returns the Point or an empty Point if the index isn't valid.

int ImmutablePointCollection::size() const

Gets the number of points in the ImmutablePointCollection.

Returns the number of points.

SpatialReference ImmutablePointCollection::spatialReference() const

Gets the SpatialReference of the ImmutablePointCollection.

Returns the SpatialReference.

ImmutablePointCollection &ImmutablePointCollection::operator=(const ImmutablePointCollection &other)

Assignment operator from other ImmutablePointCollection.

ImmutablePointCollection &ImmutablePointCollection::operator=(ImmutablePointCollection &&other)

Move operator from other ImmutablePointCollection.

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