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InheritedDomain Class


A domain which applies to domains on subtypes. More...

Header: #include <InheritedDomain>
Since: Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.0
Inherits: Domain

Public Functions

InheritedDomain(const InheritedDomain &other)
InheritedDomain(InheritedDomain &&other)
InheritedDomain(const Domain &other)
bool isValid() const
InheritedDomain &operator=(const InheritedDomain &other)
InheritedDomain &operator=(InheritedDomain &&other)

Detailed Description

A domain which applies to domains on subtypes.

It implies that the domain for a field at the subtype level is the same as the domain for the field at the layer level.

Member Function Documentation


Default constructor. Creates an empty and invalid InheritedDomain with domainType DomainType::Unknown.

See also DomainType.

InheritedDomain::InheritedDomain(const InheritedDomain &other)

Copy constructor from other InheritedDomain.

InheritedDomain::InheritedDomain(InheritedDomain &&other)

Move constructor from other InheritedDomain.

InheritedDomain::InheritedDomain(const Domain &other)

Converting constructor from other Domain.

See also Downcast helper functions.



bool InheritedDomain::isValid() const

Gets whether this InheritedDomain is valid.

A InheritedDomain is valid if it is not empty and domainType is DomainType::InheritedDomain.

Returns true if valid.

This function was introduced in Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.2.

InheritedDomain &InheritedDomain::operator=(const InheritedDomain &other)

Assignment operator from other InheritedDomain.

InheritedDomain &InheritedDomain::operator=(InheritedDomain &&other)

Move operator from other InheritedDomain.

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