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LayerSceneProperties Class


Contains 3D-specific rendering properties for a layer. More...

Header: #include <LayerSceneProperties>
Since: Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.0

Public Functions

LayerSceneProperties(SurfacePlacement surfacePlacement)
LayerSceneProperties(const LayerSceneProperties &other)
LayerSceneProperties(LayerSceneProperties &&other)
double altitudeOffset() const
bool isEmpty() const
void setAltitudeOffset(double altitudeOffset)
void setSurfacePlacement(SurfacePlacement surfacePlacement)
SurfacePlacement surfacePlacement() const
LayerSceneProperties &operator=(const LayerSceneProperties &other)
LayerSceneProperties &operator=(LayerSceneProperties &&other)

Detailed Description

Contains 3D-specific rendering properties for a layer.

This class groups properties that are specific for rendering in 3D. This enables separation of the properties required for 2D and 3D and prevents inadvertent setting of 3D properties in 2D mode.

See also GraphicsOverlay and Layer.

Member Function Documentation

LayerSceneProperties::LayerSceneProperties(SurfacePlacement surfacePlacement)

Contructs a LayerSceneProperties with a specific surface placement

  • surfacePlacement - The SurfacePlacement type to use so that features can be rendered at the desired elevation.

LayerSceneProperties::LayerSceneProperties(const LayerSceneProperties &other)

Copy constructor from other.

LayerSceneProperties::LayerSceneProperties(LayerSceneProperties &&other)

Move constructor from other.



double LayerSceneProperties::altitudeOffset() const

Returns the altitudeOffset from the scene properties of the layer.

This function was introduced in Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.6.

See also setAltitudeOffset().

bool LayerSceneProperties::isEmpty() const

Gets whether the object is empty.

Returns true if empty.

void LayerSceneProperties::setAltitudeOffset(double altitudeOffset)

Sets the altitudeOffset in the scene properties of the layer.

This function was introduced in Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.6.

See also altitudeOffset().

void LayerSceneProperties::setSurfacePlacement(SurfacePlacement surfacePlacement)

Sets the SurfacePlacement.

See also surfacePlacement().

SurfacePlacement LayerSceneProperties::surfacePlacement() const

Gets the SurfacePlacement.

Returns the SurfacePlacement enumeration that specifies how the surface defines altitude.

See also setSurfacePlacement().

LayerSceneProperties &LayerSceneProperties::operator=(const LayerSceneProperties &other)

Assignment operator from other.

LayerSceneProperties &LayerSceneProperties::operator=(LayerSceneProperties &&other)

Move operator from other.

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