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Obsolete Members for OfflineMapTask

The following members of class OfflineMapTask are obsolete. They are provided to keep old source code working. We strongly advise against using them in new code.

Public Functions

(obsolete) DownloadPreplannedOfflineMapJob *downloadPreplannedOfflineMap(PreplannedMapArea *area, const QString &downloadDirectoryPath, bool excludeBasemap)

Member Function Documentation

DownloadPreplannedOfflineMapJob *OfflineMapTask::downloadPreplannedOfflineMap(PreplannedMapArea *area, const QString &downloadDirectoryPath, bool excludeBasemap)

Returns a job that is used to download the specified preplanned map area of an online map.

  • area - Specifies the preplanned map area to be downloaded.
  • downloadDirectoryPath - The path to a folder where the map content is stored on the device. For example, to create a new mobile map package "my_mobile_map_package" in a parent directory "[my root path]/my_mobile_maps", this property would be "[my root path]/my_mobile_maps/my_mobile_map_package".
  • excludeBasemap - Specifies whether to exclude the basemap from the offline map.

If you exclude the map's basemap from the download the offline map's size will be smaller and consequently the download process will be faster. If you already have a basemap stored locally on your device you can add that to the offline map.

Note: The job that is returned is not started and needs to be explicitly started. The job will fail if the last directory in the download directory path cannot be created or is not empty.

Use downloadPreplannedOfflineMap accepting a DownloadPreplannedOfflineMapParameters instead.

This function was introduced in Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.2.

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