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PortalInfo Class


Information about a portal as seen by the current user, anonymous or logged in. More...

Header: #include <PortalInfo>
Since: Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.0
Inherits: Object and JsonSerializable

Public Functions

PortalAccess access() const
QString basemapGalleryGroupQuery() const
QString bingKey() const
QDateTime created() const
QString culture() const
QUrl customBaseDomainUrl() const
Basemap *defaultBasemap() const
Envelope defaultExtent() const
QStringList featuredGroupsQueries() const
QString featuredItemsGroupQuery() const
PortalHelperServices *helperServices() const
int homePageFeaturedContentCount() const
QString homePageFeaturedContentGroupQuery() const
QString ipCountryCode() const
bool isAllSsl() const
bool isCanSearchPublic() const
bool isCanShareBingPublic() const
bool isCanSharePublic() const
bool isCommentsEnabled() const
bool isPortal() const
bool isShowHomePageDescription() const
bool isSupportsOAuth() const
QDateTime modified() const
QUrl organizationBannerUrl() const
QString organizationDescription() const
QString organizationId() const
QString organizationName() const
QString organizationSubdomain() const
Portal *portal() const
PortalMode portalMode() const
QString portalName() const
QUrl portalThumbnailUrl() const
QUrl thumbnailUrl() const

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual QString toJson() const
virtual QJsonObject unknownJson() const
virtual QJsonObject unsupportedJson() const

Static Public Members

PortalInfo *fromJson(const QString &json, QObject *parent = nullptr)
  • 10 static public members inherited from QObject

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

Information about a portal as seen by the current user, anonymous or logged in.

Portal information includes the name, logo, featured items, supported protocols (HTTP or HTTPS) for this portal, and so on.

If the accessing user is a member of an organization, the details pertain to that organization. If the accessing user is not a member of an organization then then the details pertain to the Portal instead. Information includes the name and logo for the portal/ organization, query information for the featured groups and content, and other customizable aspects of the Portal for an organization.

See also Portal Self (ArcGIS REST API).

Member Function Documentation



PortalAccess PortalInfo::access() const

Returns the level of access to your organization for anonymous users.

If set to PortalAccess.Private, only members of the organization can access your site. PortalAccess.Public allows public access.

QString PortalInfo::basemapGalleryGroupQuery() const

Returns the query that identifies the group containing the web maps that display in the basemap gallery for the map viewer.

QString PortalInfo::bingKey() const

Returns the Bing key to use for web maps that use Bing Maps.

QDateTime PortalInfo::created() const

Returns the date and time the organization was created.

QString PortalInfo::culture() const

Returns the organization's locale information, such as en_us.

QUrl PortalInfo::customBaseDomainUrl() const

Returns the portal's custom base URL.

This is the portion of the host component of the URL that identifies a specific organization subscription within the portal.

For example, http://organizationSubdomain/customBaseDomain/

Basemap *PortalInfo::defaultBasemap() const

Returns the default basemap displayed in the map viewer for the portal/organization.

Envelope PortalInfo::defaultExtent() const

Returns the organization's default extent for the basemaps.

QStringList PortalInfo::featuredGroupsQueries() const

Returns a list of query strings that can be used to find the featured groups for the organization.

Each string specifies the title and owner of a group and sometimes also the ID of the group.

QString PortalInfo::featuredItemsGroupQuery() const

Returns the query that identifies the group containing feature items for the gallery.

[static] PortalInfo *PortalInfo::fromJson(const QString &json, QObject *parent = nullptr)

Creates a new PortalInfo from json with an optional parent.

See also JsonSerializable.

PortalHelperServices *PortalInfo::helperServices() const

Returns a PortalHelperServices object of various services needed by client applications.

See Portal Self (ArcGIS REST API) for a list of helper services.

int PortalInfo::homePageFeaturedContentCount() const

Returns the number of featured items (up to 100) that can be displayed on the home page.

QString PortalInfo::homePageFeaturedContentGroupQuery() const

Returns a query string that can be used to find the group containing featured content to be displayed on the home page.

QString PortalInfo::ipCountryCode() const

Returns the country code of the calling IP (ArcGIS Online only).

bool PortalInfo::isAllSsl() const

Returns whether the organization is using SSL.

If true, all calls made against resources that belong to the organization will require SSL.

bool PortalInfo::isCanSearchPublic() const

Indicates whether the members of the organization can search content outside of the organization.

When false, no public items outside of the organization are included in searches. However, public items that are part of the organization are returned.

bool PortalInfo::isCanShareBingPublic() const

Returns whether the Bing key can be shared to the public.

If the portal is accessed anonymously, this property will always be false.

bool PortalInfo::isCanSharePublic() const

Returns whether an organization can share groups or items publicly.

false indicates that content cannot be shared with everyone.

bool PortalInfo::isCommentsEnabled() const

Returns whether comments are enabled for the organization.

bool PortalInfo::isPortal() const

Returns whether the portal is on premises.

bool PortalInfo::isShowHomePageDescription() const

Returns whether the organization's description appears on its home page.

bool PortalInfo::isSupportsOAuth() const

Returns whether OAuth authentication is supported.

QDateTime PortalInfo::modified() const

Returns the date and time the organization was modified.

QUrl PortalInfo::organizationBannerUrl() const

Returns the URL of the banner image of the organization.

QString PortalInfo::organizationDescription() const

Returns the description of the organization.

In the case of non-organizational users of ArcGIS Online or a multi-tenant portal, this will be empty.

QString PortalInfo::organizationId() const

Returns the organization ID.

QString PortalInfo::organizationName() const

Returns the name of the organization.

In the case of non-organizational users of ArcGIS Online or a multi-tenant portal this will be empty.

QString PortalInfo::organizationSubdomain() const

Returns the organization's subdomain.

The portion of the URL's host component that identifies a specific organization subscription within a portal.

For example, http://organizationSubdomain/customBaseDomain/.

Portal *PortalInfo::portal() const

Returns the portal.

PortalMode PortalInfo::portalMode() const

Returns portal's mode, which indicates whether the portal is single-tenant or multi-tenant.

A multi-tenant portal supports organization subscriptions, but a single-tenant does not.

QString PortalInfo::portalName() const

Returns portal's name.

QUrl PortalInfo::portalThumbnailUrl() const

Returns a URL to the portal's thumbnail.

QUrl PortalInfo::thumbnailUrl() const

Returns a URL to the organization's thumbnail.

[virtual] QString PortalInfo::toJson() const

Reimplemented from JsonSerializable::toJson().

Returns the PortalInfo as a JSON string representation.

See also JsonSerializable.

[virtual] QJsonObject PortalInfo::unknownJson() const

Reimplemented from JsonSerializable::unknownJson().

Returns the unknown JSON of this object.

See also JsonSerializable.

[virtual] QJsonObject PortalInfo::unsupportedJson() const

Reimplemented from JsonSerializable::unsupportedJson().

Returns the unsupported JSON of this object.

See also JsonSerializable.

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