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PortalPrivilege Class


Represents a particular privilege possessed by a portal user. More...

Header: #include <PortalPrivilege>
Since: Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.0

Public Functions

PortalPrivilege(const PortalPrivilege &other)
PortalPrivilege(PortalPrivilege &&other)
PortalPrivilegeRealm realm() const
PortalPrivilegeRole role() const
PortalPrivilegeType type() const
QString typeName() const
PortalPrivilege &operator=(const PortalPrivilege &other)
PortalPrivilege &operator=(PortalPrivilege &&other)

Detailed Description

Represents a particular privilege possessed by a portal user.

This privilege permits the PortalUser to peform specific operations on the Portal.

Member Function Documentation


Default Constructor.

PortalPrivilege::PortalPrivilege(const PortalPrivilege &other)

Copy constructor from other PortalPrivilege.

PortalPrivilege::PortalPrivilege(PortalPrivilege &&other)

Move constructor from other PortalPrivilege.



PortalPrivilegeRealm PortalPrivilege::realm() const

The realm the privilege belongs to.

Realms help to organize privileges into categories for aspects relating to a portal.

PortalPrivilegeRole PortalPrivilege::role() const

The role the privilege applies to.

PortalPrivilegeType PortalPrivilege::type() const

The operation permitted by the privilege.

QString PortalPrivilege::typeName() const

The type name of the privilege.

PortalPrivilege &PortalPrivilege::operator=(const PortalPrivilege &other)

Assignment operator from other PortalPrivilege.

PortalPrivilege &PortalPrivilege::operator=(PortalPrivilege &&other)

Move operator from other PortalPrivilege.

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