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RelatedFeatureQueryResult Class


Contains the features that have been returned from a related tables query. More...

Header: #include <RelatedFeatureQueryResult>
Since: Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.1
Inherits: Object and FeatureSet

Public Functions

ArcGISFeature *feature() const
bool isTransferLimitExceeded() const
ArcGISFeatureTable *relatedTable() const
RelationshipInfo relationshipInfo() const

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual QList<Field> fields() const
virtual GeometryType geometryType() const
virtual FeatureIterator iterator() const
virtual SpatialReference spatialReference() const

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

Contains the features that have been returned from a related tables query.

Instances of this class represents the result of related queries. A prerequisite for querying related features is that all the participating tables must be part of a map, as either feature layers or non-spatial tables. An array of instances are returned, one per related table containing features related to the queried feature. This class has methods that can be used to iterate over the collection of related features

Member Function Documentation



ArcGISFeature *RelatedFeatureQueryResult::feature() const

Returns the feature for which related features were queried.

[virtual] QList<Field> RelatedFeatureQueryResult::fields() const

Reimplemented from FeatureSet::fields().

Returns a list of Field objects representing the fields in this RelatedFeatureQueryResult.

[virtual] GeometryType RelatedFeatureQueryResult::geometryType() const

Reimplemented from FeatureSet::geometryType().

Returns the type of geometry shared by all features in this RelatedFeatureQueryResult.

This property is GeometryType::Unknown when the related table has no geometry field.

bool RelatedFeatureQueryResult::isTransferLimitExceeded() const

Returns true if the result does not include all the features matched by the query.

Many ArcGIS services only return up to 1000 features even if the query matched more features. When that happens for the query that produces this result, this property is true.

[virtual] FeatureIterator RelatedFeatureQueryResult::iterator() const

Reimplemented from FeatureSet::iterator().

Returns an iterator used to iterate over all features in this RelatedFeatureQueryResult

ArcGISFeatureTable *RelatedFeatureQueryResult::relatedTable() const

Returns the related table for this query result.

There can be more than one instance of the same table or layer on the map with different scale level visibility, definition expression, and so on. All such instances share the same RelationshipInfo with the table the query operation is called on. In such cases, results from all such instances are returned, and relatedTable is used to distinguish between them.

RelationshipInfo RelatedFeatureQueryResult::relationshipInfo() const

Returns the relationship info for this query result.

If more than one related table were queried, multiple results are returned, each with its RelationshipInfo.

[virtual] SpatialReference RelatedFeatureQueryResult::spatialReference() const

Reimplemented from FeatureSet::spatialReference().

Returns the spatial reference shared by all features in this RelatedFeatureQueryResult.

This property is set to an empty SpatialReference when the related table has no spatial reference.

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