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ServiceAreaPolygon Class


A single service area polygon. More...

Header: #include <ServiceAreaPolygon>
Since: Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.1

Public Functions

ServiceAreaPolygon(const ServiceAreaPolygon &other)
ServiceAreaPolygon(ServiceAreaPolygon &&other)
double fromImpedanceCutoff() const
Polygon geometry() const
bool isEmpty() const
double toImpedanceCutoff() const
ServiceAreaPolygon &operator=(const ServiceAreaPolygon &other)
ServiceAreaPolygon &operator=(ServiceAreaPolygon &&other)

Detailed Description

A single service area polygon.

A service area polygon is one part of the result of a service area calculation. It covers the area of the network that can be reached within a specified time, distance, or other travel impedance (cost).

For example, when calculating service areas with time as the impedance, an impedance value of "5 10 15" creates service areas of 0-5, 5-10, and 10-15 minutes intervals. In this example, the ServiceAreaResult contains three ServiceAreaPolygons, each one covering an area representing the service area reachable within each interval. Each ServiceAreaPolygon has properties (fromImpedanceCutoff and toImpedanceCutoff) that identify which interval the ServiceAreaPolygon represents.

Member Function Documentation


Default constructor.

ServiceAreaPolygon::ServiceAreaPolygon(const ServiceAreaPolygon &other)

Copy constructor from other ServiceAreaPolygon.

ServiceAreaPolygon::ServiceAreaPolygon(ServiceAreaPolygon &&other)

Move constructor from other ServiceAreaPolygon.



double ServiceAreaPolygon::fromImpedanceCutoff() const

Returns the service area polygon's minimum impedance value.

Polygon ServiceAreaPolygon::geometry() const

Returns the Polygon geometry of this ServiceAreaPolygon.

bool ServiceAreaPolygon::isEmpty() const

Returns true if this ServiceAreaPolygon is empty.

double ServiceAreaPolygon::toImpedanceCutoff() const

Returns the service area polygon's maximum impedance value.

ServiceAreaPolygon &ServiceAreaPolygon::operator=(const ServiceAreaPolygon &other)

Assignment operator from other ServiceAreaPolygon.

ServiceAreaPolygon &ServiceAreaPolygon::operator=(ServiceAreaPolygon &&other)

Move operator from other ServiceAreaPolygon.

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