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SourceObjectPosition Class


Position of the source object (a network element) in the source network dataset. More...

Header: #include <SourceObjectPosition>
Since: Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.0

Public Functions

SourceObjectPosition(int sourceIndex, qint64 sourceObjectId, double position)
SourceObjectPosition(const SourceObjectPosition &other)
SourceObjectPosition(SourceObjectPosition &&other)
bool isEmpty() const
double position() const
void setPosition(double position)
void setSourceIndex(int sourceIndex)
void setSourceObjectId(qint64 sourceObjectId)
int sourceIndex() const
qint64 sourceObjectId() const
SourceObjectPosition &operator=(const SourceObjectPosition &other)
SourceObjectPosition &operator=(SourceObjectPosition &&other)

Detailed Description

Position of the source object (a network element) in the source network dataset.

You can use this to specify where something is at on a network, as opposed to using the geometry of a Stop or a PointBarrier.

See also Network Analysis Objects.

Member Function Documentation


Default constructor.

Warning: This is for convenience only and will construct an empty object. Use the parameterized constructor.

SourceObjectPosition::SourceObjectPosition(int sourceIndex, qint64 sourceObjectId, double position)

Constructor that takes a sourceIndex, sourceObjectId, and position.

SourceObjectPosition::SourceObjectPosition(const SourceObjectPosition &other)

Copy constructor from other SourceObjectPosition.

SourceObjectPosition::SourceObjectPosition(SourceObjectPosition &&other)

Move constructor from other SourceObjectPosition.



bool SourceObjectPosition::isEmpty() const

Returns true if this SourceObjectPosition is empty.

double SourceObjectPosition::position() const

Returns the position.

See also setPosition().

void SourceObjectPosition::setPosition(double position)

Returns the position.

See also position().

void SourceObjectPosition::setSourceIndex(int sourceIndex)

Sets the sourceIndex.

See also sourceIndex().

void SourceObjectPosition::setSourceObjectId(qint64 sourceObjectId)

Sets the sourceObjectId.

See also sourceObjectId().

int SourceObjectPosition::sourceIndex() const

Returns the source index.

See also setSourceIndex().

qint64 SourceObjectPosition::sourceObjectId() const

Returns the source Object ID.

See also setSourceObjectId().

SourceObjectPosition &SourceObjectPosition::operator=(const SourceObjectPosition &other)

Assignment operator from other SourceObjectPosition.

SourceObjectPosition &SourceObjectPosition::operator=(SourceObjectPosition &&other)

Move operator from other SourceObjectPosition.

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