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SubtypeSublayer Class


A sublayer that allows custom rendering for features of a particular subtype More...

Header: #include <SubtypeSublayer>
Since: Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.7
Inherits: ArcGISSublayer

Public Functions

LabelDefinitionListModel *labelDefinitions() const
void setLabelsEnabled(bool labelsEnabled)
void setMaxScale(double maxScale)
void setMinScale(double minScale)
void setOpacity(float opacity)
void setRenderer(Renderer *renderer)
FeatureSubtype subtype() const

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

A sublayer that allows custom rendering for features of a particular subtype

Member Function Documentation



LabelDefinitionListModel *SubtypeSublayer::labelDefinitions() const

The collection of label definitions for the sublayer

void SubtypeSublayer::setLabelsEnabled(bool labelsEnabled)

Sets the labelsEnabled to labelsEnabled.

See also ArcGISSublayer::isLabelsEnabled.

void SubtypeSublayer::setMaxScale(double maxScale)

Sets the maxScale to maxScale.

See also ArcGISSublayer::maxScale.

void SubtypeSublayer::setMinScale(double minScale)

Sets the minScale to minScale.

See also ArcGISSublayer::minScale.

void SubtypeSublayer::setOpacity(float opacity)

Sets the opacity to opacity.

See also ArcGISSublayer::opacity.

void SubtypeSublayer::setRenderer(Renderer *renderer)

Sets the renderer to renderer.

See also ArcGISSublayer::renderer.

FeatureSubtype SubtypeSublayer::subtype() const

The subtype in the feature service that this subtype represents

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