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UtilityNetworkSourceUsageType Class


Enumerates the various network source usage types More...

Since: Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.6

Detailed Description

Enumerates the various network source usage types

These values indicate how a UtilityNetworkSource is used in a utility network.

UtilityNetworkSourceUsageType can be one of:

UtilityNetworkSourceUsageType::Device (0)Network devices, such as transformers or valves.
UtilityNetworkSourceUsageType::Junction (1)Miscellaneous junctions not typically tracked as assets, such as taps.
UtilityNetworkSourceUsageType::Line (2)Lines such as conductors, pipes, or fiber strands.
UtilityNetworkSourceUsageType::Assembly (3)Assemblies such as switchgear.
UtilityNetworkSourceUsageType::SubnetLine (4)System-generated subnetwork lines.
UtilityNetworkSourceUsageType::StructureJunction (5)Point structures, such as poles.
UtilityNetworkSourceUsageType::StructureLine (6)Linear structures, such as ducts, conduits, or buffer tubes.
UtilityNetworkSourceUsageType::StructureBoundary (7)Polygonal structures, such as substations or town border stations.

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