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WmsSublayer Class


A sublayer of a WMS Layer. More...

Header: #include <WmsSublayer>
Since: Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.2
Inherits: LayerContent

Public Functions

QString currentStyle() const
void setCurrentStyle(const QString &currentStyle)
WmsLayerInfo sublayerInfo() const

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual bool canChangeVisibility() const
virtual bool isAutoFetchLegendInfos() const
virtual bool isShowInLegend() const
virtual bool isVisible() const
virtual bool isVisibleAtScale(double scale) const
virtual LegendInfoListModel *legendInfos() const
virtual QString name() const
virtual void setAutoFetchLegendInfos(bool autoFetchLegendInfos)
virtual void setShowInLegend(bool showInLegend)
virtual void setVisible(bool visible)
virtual QList<LayerContent *> subLayerContents() const

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

A sublayer of a WMS Layer.

Some layer types contain sublayers. WmsSublayer provides data necessary for building a Table of Contents. Only named WMS sublayers have an associated /l WmsSublayer. This list can be obtained from WmsLayer::Sublayers() property of a loaded layer.

Member Function Documentation



[virtual] bool WmsSublayer::canChangeVisibility() const

Reimplemented from LayerContent::canChangeVisibility().

Returns whether the sublayer's visibility can be changed.

See LayerContent.

QString WmsSublayer::currentStyle() const

Returns the sublayer's current style.

An empty style name string indicates the default style is being used.

See also setCurrentStyle().

[virtual] bool WmsSublayer::isAutoFetchLegendInfos() const

Reimplemented from LayerContent::isAutoFetchLegendInfos().

Returns whether legend infos are automatically fetched by the sublayer.

See LayerContent.

[virtual] bool WmsSublayer::isShowInLegend() const

Reimplemented from LayerContent::isShowInLegend().

Returns whether the sublayer will be shown in the legend.

See LayerContent.

[virtual] bool WmsSublayer::isVisible() const

Reimplemented from LayerContent::isVisible().

Returns whether the sublayer is enabled to be visible.

See LayerContent.

[virtual] bool WmsSublayer::isVisibleAtScale(double scale) const

Reimplemented from LayerContent::isVisibleAtScale().

Returns whether the sublayer is visible at a given scale.

See LayerContent.

[virtual] LegendInfoListModel *WmsSublayer::legendInfos() const

Reimplemented from LayerContent::legendInfos().

Returns a list model of LegendInfo objects.

See LayerContent.

[virtual] QString WmsSublayer::name() const

Reimplemented from LayerContent::name().

Returns the sublayer's name.

See LayerContent.

[virtual] void WmsSublayer::setAutoFetchLegendInfos(bool autoFetchLegendInfos)

Reimplemented from LayerContent::setAutoFetchLegendInfos().

Sets whether legend infos are automatically fetched by the sublayer's legend info list model to autoFetchLegendInfos.

See LayerContent.

See also isAutoFetchLegendInfos().

void WmsSublayer::setCurrentStyle(const QString &currentStyle)

Sets the sublayer's style to currentStyle.

Set to an empty string to use the default style.

This function was introduced in Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.3.

See also currentStyle().

[virtual] void WmsSublayer::setShowInLegend(bool showInLegend)

Reimplemented from LayerContent::setShowInLegend().

Sets whether the sublayer will be shown in the legend to showInLegend.

See LayerContent.

See also isShowInLegend().

[virtual] void WmsSublayer::setVisible(bool visible)

Reimplemented from LayerContent::setVisible().

Sets whether the sublayer is visible to visible.

See LayerContent.

See also isVisible().

[virtual] QList<LayerContent *> WmsSublayer::subLayerContents() const

Reimplemented from LayerContent::subLayerContents().

Returns a list of layer contents for any sublayer.

See LayerContent.

WmsLayerInfo WmsSublayer::sublayerInfo() const

Returns a WmsLayerInfo object with metadata about this sublayer.

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