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Navigate the map

When you add a map to your application, you can automatically pan and zoom the map using the keyboard, mouse, or touch. The following table lists the set of predefined touch, mouse, and keyboard shortcuts that are enabled by default:

Map actionTouch actionMouse actionKey action

Pan the map

Touch, hold, and drag on the map

Press, hold, and drag the left mouse button

Press the left (pan west), right (pan east), up (pan north), or down (pan south) arrows

Zoom in (+) or zoom out (-) with animation

Pinch open (+) or pinch close (-) on the map

Scroll the mouse wheel forward (+) or backward (-)

Press the + / = key for in

Press the - / _ key for out

Zoom in to the next level of detail or by a factor of 2

Double tap on the map

Double-click the left mouse button

Press the + / = key

Zoom out to the next level of detail or by a factor of 2

Single tap with two fingers simultaneously

Double-click of right mouse button

Press the - / _ key


Two-finger pinch and twist fingers to rotate the map or scene

On scenes only, press and hold while dragging (left to right) the right mouse button

Press the 'a' (rotate west) or 'd' (rotate east) keys

Set viewpoint to north



Press the 'n' key

For scenes, there are additional navigational keyboard, mouse, or touch actions that you can use:

Scene actionTouch actionMouse actionKey action

Pitch: increase or decrease

Touch, hold and drag up (increase) or down (decrease)

Press, hold and drag the right mouse button up (increase) or down (decrease)

Press the 'w' (increase) or 's' (decrease) keys. Press 'p' to set pitch to 0.

Elevation: increase or decrease



Press the 'u' (increase) or 'j' (decrease) keys