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Enums.FeatureRequestMode enumeration

The mode affects how often data is retrieved from the service and how it is cached in the client.

The FeatureRequestMode can be one of:

Enums.FeatureRequestModeUndefined (0)The feature request mode is undefined and will be set on initialization of the table. If it's a spatial table then the feature request mode will be set to FeatureRequestModeOnInteractionCache. If it's a non-spatial table the feature request mode will be set to FeatureRequestModeManualCache.
Enums.FeatureRequestModeOnInteractionCache (1)Data is retrieved from the server when needed, such as during initial viewpoint display or after a pan or zoom of the map view. The client caches data for the session's duration of the session. Queries are performed on the client if the queried features have geometries within the cached extent, otherwise, features are queried from the server.
Enums.FeatureRequestModeOnInteractionNoCache (2)The data is always fetched from the server when needed, and not cached on the client.
Enums.FeatureRequestModeManualCache (3)The client explicitly requests data by calling populateFromService and caches the data. No data is requested from the server automatically.

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