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Enums.GeodeticCurveType enumeration

The GeodeticCurveType can be one of:

Enums.GeodeticCurveTypeGeodesic (0)The shortest line between any two points on the Earth's surface on a spheroid (ellipsoid).
Enums.GeodeticCurveTypeLoxodrome (1)A line of constant bearing, or azimuth. Straight line is a rhumb line.
Enums.GeodeticCurveTypeGreatElliptic (2)The line on a spheroid (ellipsoid) defined by the intersection at the surface by a plane that passes through the center of the spheroid and the start and end points of a segment. This is also known as a great circle when a sphere is used.
Enums.GeodeticCurveTypeNormalSection (3)Straight line is a normal section.
Enums.GeodeticCurveTypeShapePreserving (4)Keeps the original shape of the geometry or curve.

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