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Enums.KmlGraphicType enumeration

The KmlGraphicType can be one of:

Enums.KmlGraphicTypeNone (0)There is no geoemtry present.
Enums.KmlGraphicTypePoint (1)A point.
Enums.KmlGraphicTypePolyline (2)A polyline.
Enums.KmlGraphicTypePolygon (3)A polygon.
Enums.KmlGraphicTypeExtrudedPoint (4)An extruded point.
Enums.KmlGraphicTypeExtrudedPolyline (5)An extruded polyline.
Enums.KmlGraphicTypeExtrudedPolygon (6)An extruded polygon
Enums.KmlGraphicTypeModel (7)A model.
Enums.KmlGraphicTypeMultiGeometry (8)A multi-geometry. This is a container for geometries.
Enums.KmlGraphicTypeUnknown (-1)Unknown KML graphic type.

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