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Enums.KmlGraphicType enumeration

The KmlGraphicType can be one of:

Enums.KmlGraphicTypeNone(0) There is no geoemtry present.
Enums.KmlGraphicTypePoint(1) A point.
Enums.KmlGraphicTypePolyline(2) A polyline.
Enums.KmlGraphicTypePolygon(3) A polygon.
Enums.KmlGraphicTypeExtrudedPoint(4) An extruded point.
Enums.KmlGraphicTypeExtrudedPolyline(5) An extruded polyline.
Enums.KmlGraphicTypeExtrudedPolygon(6) An extruded polygon
Enums.KmlGraphicTypeModel(7) A model.
Enums.KmlGraphicTypeMultiGeometry(8) A multi-geometry. This is a container for geometries.
Enums.KmlGraphicTypeUnknown(-1) Unknown KML graphic type.

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