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Enums.KmlNodeType enumeration

The KmlNodeType can be one of:

Enums.KmlNodeTypeKmlDocument (0)A document KML node.
Enums.KmlNodeTypeKmlFolder (1)A folder KML node.
Enums.KmlNodeTypeKmlNetworkLink (2)A network link KML node.
Enums.KmlNodeTypeKmlPlacemark (3)A placemark KML node.
Enums.KmlNodeTypeKmlPhotoOverlay (4)A photo overlay KML node.
Enums.KmlNodeTypeKmlGroundOverlay (5)A ground overlay KML node.
Enums.KmlNodeTypeKmlScreenOverlay (6)A screen overlay KML node.
Enums.KmlNodeTypeKmlTour (7)A tour KML node.
Enums.KmlNodeTypeUnknown (-1)Unknown KML node.

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