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Enums.PixelType enumeration

The PixelType can be one of:

Enums.PixelTypeUnknown (-1)Unknown pixel type.
Enums.PixelTypeUint1 (0)1-bit pixel type.
Enums.PixelTypeUint2 (1)2-bit pixel type.
Enums.PixelTypeUint4 (2)4-bit pixel type.
Enums.PixelTypeUint8 (3)Unsigned 8-bit integer pixel type.
Enums.PixelTypeInt8 (4)Signed 8-bit integer pixel type.
Enums.PixelTypeUint16 (5)Unsigned 16-bit integer pixel type.
Enums.PixelTypeInt16 (6)Signed 16-bit integer pixel type.
Enums.PixelTypeUint32 (7)Unsigned 32-bit integer pixel type.
Enums.PixelTypeInt32 (8)Signed 32-bit integer pixel type.
Enums.PixelTypeFloat32 (9)32-bit floating point number pixel type.
Enums.PixelTypeFloat64 (10)64-bit floating point number pixel type.

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