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Enums.PortalAccess enumeration

The PortalAccess can be one of:

Enums.PortalAccessUnknown(-1) Unknown access.
Enums.PortalAccessOrganization(0) Accessible to the organization.
Enums.PortalAccessPrivate(1) Accessible only to the user.
Enums.PortalAccessPublic(2) Accessible to all users.
Enums.PortalAccessShared(3) Shared with one or more groups.

- For the PortalInfo object, it determines the level of access to an organization for anonymous users.

- For the PortalItem object, it determines who can see and access the item.

- For the PortalGroup object, it determines who can see and access the group.

- For the PortalUser object, it determines what level of access to the user information will be available to others and whether it will be searchable.

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