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Enums.UtilityNetworkSourceUsageType enumeration

These values indicate how a UtilityNetworkSource is used in a utility network.

UtilityNetworkSourceUsageType can be one of:

Enums.UtilityNetworkSourceUsageTypeDevice(0) Network devices, such as transformers or valves.
Enums.UtilityNetworkSourceUsageTypeJunction(1) Miscellaneous junctions not typically tracked as assets, such as taps.
Enums.UtilityNetworkSourceUsageTypeLine(2) Lines such as conductors, pipes, or fiber strands.
Enums.UtilityNetworkSourceUsageTypeAssembly(3) Assemblies such as switchgear.
Enums.UtilityNetworkSourceUsageTypeSubnetLine(4) System-generated subnetwork lines.
Enums.UtilityNetworkSourceUsageTypeStructureJunction(5) Point structures, such as poles.
Enums.UtilityNetworkSourceUsageTypeStructureLine(6) Linear structures, such as ducts, conduits, or buffer tubes.
Enums.UtilityNetworkSourceUsageTypeStructureBoundary(7) Polygonal structures, such as substations or town border stations.
Enums.UtilityNetworkSourceUsageTypeStructureJunctionObject(8) Non-spatial structure junction, such as a duct port in a manhole.
Enums.UtilityNetworkSourceUsageTypeStructureEdgeObject(9) Non-spatial structure edge, such as a duct in a duct bank.

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