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List of All Members for CoordinateFormatter

This is the complete list of members for CoordinateFormatter, including inherited members.

  • Point fromGars(string coordinates, SpatialReference spatialReference, GarsConversionMode garsConversionMode)
  • Point fromGeoRef(string coordinates, SpatialReference spatialReference)
  • Point fromLatitudeLongitude(string coordinates, SpatialReference spatialReference)
  • Point fromMgrs(string coordinates, SpatialReference spatialReference, MgrsConversionMode mgrsConversionMode)
  • Point fromUsng(string coordinates, SpatialReference spatialReference)
  • Point fromUtm(string coordinates, SpatialReference spatialReference, UtmConversionMode utmConversionMode)
  • string toGars(Point point)
  • string toGeoRef(Point point, int precision)
  • string toLatitudeLongitude(Point point, LatitudeLongitudeFormat format, int decimalPlaces)
  • string toMgrs(Point point, MgrsConversionMode mgrsConversionMode, int precision, bool addSpaces)
  • string toUsng(Point point, int precision, bool addSpaces)
  • string toUtm(Point point, UtmConversionMode utmConversionMode, bool addSpaces)

The following members are inherited from Object.

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