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Obsolete Members for DictionarySymbolStyle

The following members of QML type DictionarySymbolStyle are obsolete. They are provided to keep old source code working. We strongly advise against using them in new code.



Property Documentation

configurationProperties : jsobject

The currently applied configuration properties.

Each symbology rule engine may have additional properties that can be configured. To modify these properties, obtain the defaults using this property, modify them to the desired values, and set them back.

The configuration properties are deprecated in 100.6.0. Use the configurations property instead.

specificationType : string

The specification type, for example "mil2525d".

The specification type is deprecated in 100.6.0. With the new Arcade-based styles, the style specification logic is embedded in the style file itself. Since the logic is not internal to the ArcGIS Runtime code, functionality is not limited to the supported military specification and can be customized for a variety of uses. Use the dictionaryName property instead.

styleLocation : string

The path to the ArcGIS Runtime-enabled style (*.stylx) file.

This property must be set in order to construct a DictionarySymbolStyle.

You cannot change this property after this instance is loaded.

This is deprecated in 100.6.0.

Signal Documentation


Emitted when the configurationProperties property changes.

The configurationChanged signal is deprecated in 100.6.0.


Emitted when the specificationType property changes.

The specificationTypeChanged signal deprecated in 100.6.0.

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