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FeatureCollectionTable QML Type

An individual table that can be stored in a FeatureCollection. More...

Import Statement: import Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.8
Since: Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.0





Detailed Description

Represents an individual feature table in a FeatureCollection. It consists of a feature definition (table schema) and a set of features that match that feature definition. It offers support for overriding the renderer symbology on a per-feature basis.

To create a FeatureCollectionTable, specify the fields, geometry type, and spatial reference of features in this table. Or, create it from a list of GeoElements or features already existing in another FeatureSet (for example, a query result).

If a FeatureCollectionTable is created with all the information needed to instantiate and load it, it will automatically load and you can use it to create a Feature. However, if it is default constructed without all the required information, then you must explicitly load the FeatureCollectionTable before using it to create a Feature.

// The following fails to create a Feature from the default-constructed
// FeatureCollectionTable because it was not loaded automatically.
var inputFeatures1 = ArcGISRuntimeEnvironment.createObject("FeatureCollectionTable");
inputFeatures1.geometryType = Enums.GeometryTypePoint;
inputFeatures1.spatialReference = SpatialReference.createWebMercator();
var inputFeature1 = inputFeatures1.createFeature(); // inputFeature will be null

// The following successfully creates a new Feature because the
// FeatureCollectionTable was created with enough information to
// instantiate and load itself.
var inputFeatures2 = ArcGISRuntimeEnvironment.createObject("FeatureCollectionTable",
                                                           {geometryType: Enums.GeometryTypePoint,
                                                            spatialReference: SpatialReference.createWebMercator()});
var inputFeature2 = inputFeatures2.createFeature(); // inputFeature2 will be a Feature

See also FeatureSet.

Property Documentation

featureSet : FeatureSet

The FeatureSet used to create this FeatureCollectionTable.

fields : list<Field>

Returns the list of Field objects representing the fields in this FeatureCollectionTable (read-only).

See also Field.

geoElements : list<GeoElement>

Returns the GeoElements used to create this FeatureCollectionTable (read-only).

See also GeoElement.

geometryType : Enums.GeometryType

The type of geometry shared by all features in this FeatureCollectionTable.

See also Enums.GeometryType.

hasM : bool

Whether geometry of features in this FeatureCollectionTable have m-values.

This property should not be changed after this object has loaded.

hasZ : bool

Whether geometry of features in this FeatureCollectionTable have z-coordinates.

This property should not be changed after this object has loaded.

iterator : FeatureIterator

Returns an iterator to iterate over features in the FeatureCollectionTable (read-only).

Returns the layer info object for this FeatureCollectionTable (read-only).

renderer : Renderer

The renderer used for features in this FeatureCollectionTable.

spatialReference : SpatialReference

The spatial reference of the features in this FeatureCollectionTable.

This property should not be changed after this object has loaded.

Signal Documentation


Emitted when the featureSet property changes.


Emitted when the fields property changes.


Emitted when the geoElements property changes.


Emitted when the geometryType property changes.


Emitted when the hasM property changes.


Emitted when the hasZ property changes.


Emitted when the layerInfo property changes.


Emitted when the renderer property changes.


Emitted when the spatialReference property changes.

Method Documentation

void setSymbolOverride(Feature feature, Symbol symbol)

Sets the symbol override for a specific feature to symbol.

Symbol symbolOverride(Feature feature)

Returns the symbol override for the feature, if any.

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