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WfsService QML Type

An OGC Web Feature Service (WFS). More...

Import Statement: import Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.8
Since: Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.5





Detailed Description

The WfsService is constructed using the URL of the service and once the load task completes (see Loadable) allows the user to browse for predefined content via the serviceInfo.

This provides an entry point to explore the WFS service metadata.

See also Loadable, RemoteResource, Loadable, and WfsServiceInfo.

Property Documentation

credential : Credential

Returns the security credential used to access this WfsService.

Only applicable if the service is secured.

customParameters : jsobject

Returns key/value pairs representing the custom parameters that are applied to the WFS requests related to this service.

These parameters are appended to all WFS requests.

Note: this property can only be set before the WFS service is loaded.

This QML property was introduced in Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.6.

loadError : Error

Returns the loadError of the WfsService (read-only).

loadStatus : Enums.LoadStatus

Returns the loadStatus of the WfsService (read-only).

See also Enums.LoadStatus.

requestConfiguration : RequestConfiguration

The RequestConfiguration in use by this task.

serviceInfo : WfsServiceInfo

The WfsServiceInfo for this service.

url : url

The URL of this WfsService.

Signal Documentation


Emitted when the credential property changes.


Emitted when the customParameters property changes.

This QML signal was introduced in Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.6.


Emitted when the loadError property changes.


Emitted when the loadStatus property changes.


Emitted when the requestConfiguration property changes.


Emitted when the serviceInfo property changes.


Emitted when the url property changes.

Method Documentation

void cancelLoad()

See Loadable.

void load()

See Loadable.

void retryLoad()

See Loadable.

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