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Develop your first map app

You can get started using:

  • App templates — Use an app template to explore ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt capabilities. An app template lets you start from scratch by providing all the files and basic property settings you need to build and run a project. See Use app templates.
  • Sample apps — Use a sample app to see how specific ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt capabilities work. See Use sample apps.

Use app templates

You can access Esri app templates from within Qt Creator after you run the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt post-installer.

  1. In Qt Creator, open the New Project dialog box.
  2. Select an app template from the ArcGIS projects category.

    If you previously installed a different version of ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt, you may see templates for multiple versions. Template names include versions, so use the name to select the correct version. Template types include Qt Widgets apps, Qt Quick QML apps, and Qt Quick C++ apps. For descriptions of these apps, see Qt SDK best practices.

  3. Follow the steps in the wizard, providing information such as where to put your project files and which version of the Qt Framework to use.

At the end of the wizard, you will have a complete app that is ready to run. Use it as a foundation to build your own app, extending it with additional features and business logic.

Use sample apps

Sample apps demonstrate important ArcGIS Runtime functionality in a focused way. You can view samples through the sample viewer apps. The sample viewer apps are installed with this SDK, and you can also download QML Samples and C++ Samples from There is one sample viewer app for Qt Quick QML samples and another for Qt Quick C++ samples.

You also have the option to download and build complete projects for each sample from GitHub, where you will find samples for all three types of apps—Qt Widgets apps, Qt Quick QML apps, and Qt Quick C++ apps. Either way you explore the samples, you have access to the source code which you can copy, modify, and leverage in your apps.

Integrate ArcGIS Runtime with an existing app

While ArcGIS Runtime can be used to create new, GIS-centric apps, it is also designed to integrate seamlessly into existing apps and projects developed with Qt. If you have an existing app that you would like to location-enable with ArcGIS Runtime, the topic Integrate the SDK into an existing app, will help you get started.