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ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt

Open mobile scene package

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Opens and displays a scene from a Mobile Scene Package (.mspk).

Use Case

An .mspk file is an archive containing the data (specifically, basemaps and features), used to display an offline 3D scene.

How to use the sample

When the sample opens, it will automatically display the Scene in the Mobile Map Package.

Since this sample works with a local .mspk, you may need to download the file to your device.

How it works

This sample takes a Mobile Scene Package that was created in ArcGIS Pro, and displays a Scene from within the package in a SceneView.

  1. Create a MobileScenePackage using the path to the local .mspk file.
  2. Call MobileScenePackage.load and check for any errors.
  3. When the MobileScenePackage is loaded, obtain the first Scene from the MobileScenePackage.scenes list.
  4. Create a SceneView and set the scene on the view for display.

Relevant API

  • MobileScenePackage
  • SceneView

Offline data

Read more about how to set up the sample's offline data here.

Link Local Location
Philadelphia MSPK <userhome>/ArcGIS/Runtime/Data/mspk/philadelphia.mspk

Additional information

Before loading the MobileScenePackage, it is important to first check if direct read is supported. The MobileScenePackage could contain certain data types that would require the data to be unpacked. For example, Scenes containing raster data will need to be unpacked.


offline, scene

Sample Code

import QtQuick 2.6
import Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.9
import Esri.ArcGISExtras 1.1

Rectangle {
    id: rootRectangle
    clip: true
    width: 800
    height: 600

    readonly property url dataPath: System.userHomePath + "/ArcGIS/Runtime/Data/mspk"

    SceneView {
        id: sceneView
        anchors.fill: parent        

    Component.onCompleted: {

    MobileScenePackage {
        id: mspk
        path: dataPath + "/philadelphia.mspk"

        onLoadStatusChanged: {
            // only proceed once the scene package is loaded
            if (loadStatus !== Enums.LoadStatusLoaded)

            if (mspk.scenes.length < 1)

            // obtain the first scene in the list of scenes
            const scene = mspk.scenes[0];

            // set the scene on the scene view to display
            sceneView.scene = scene;

        onErrorChanged: {
            console.log("Mobile Scene Package Error: %1 %2".arg(error.message).arg(error.additionalMessage));