May 6, 2021

Updates and features


Tile estimator

A tile estimator has been added to the website. This will help developers estimate the tile consumption of their apps based on the number of users anticipated, basemap style, and API. A link to it is available from the pricing page.


Calcite Design System finds a new home

Calcite Design System is a collection of design and development resources for creating beautiful, easy to use, cohesive experiences across apps with minimal effort. It includes design best practices, icons, color schemes, and an accessible web component library with UI elements such as buttons, panels, accordions, alerts, and many more.

Documentation for the Calcite Design System now lives on the ArcGIS Developers site to help bring together the best development resources for those developing ArcGIS-based applications.

ArcGIS Urban API adds sample doc/code

ArcGIS Urban API, the public GraphQL web service that can be used to interact with ArcGIS Urban data directly, now includes Python-based sample code for both reading and writing to the API.

ArcGIS Enterprise SDK updates to v10.9

ArcGIS Enterprise SDK, which allows developers to extend service functionalities and integrate business logic via a server object extension (SOE) or server object interceptor (SOI) in ArcGIS Enterprise has been updated to version 10.9 with documentation for both .NET and Java.

Sign in and download the latest Enterprise SDK.

Web Map Specification update

See the latest Web Map Specification version 2.20 for updates and changes.

Other changes


  • Hosted layer file size is now shown on the dashboard. View each /layers/[layer-id] overview page in your dashboard to see how much disk space each layer is using for storage. See above image.

  • Minimum requirements for the ArcGIS Runtime API for Qt 100.11.0 have been updated to Qt Framework 5.15.2 or higher.

  • Minor update to the ArcGIS API for JavaScript version 3.36 documentation.

  • Arcade version 1.13 Geometry functions doc update.

Bug fixes

  • Various small UI fixes to table layouts and form inputs.

  • Broken links

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