May 7, 2020

Updates and features


ArcGIS Runtime 100.8 Update

Major updates were released today for ArcGIS Runtime which include:

  • Image overlays in scene views to quickly render frequently changing images in a scene view.
  • Online services are now supported in mobile map and scene packages.
  • Relative-to-scene placement can now place features and graphics relative to objects in a scene.
  • Improved text rendering in scene views with a signed distance field (SDF) algorithm.
  • Support for 32-bit apps when geocoding with *.loz locators.
  • Simulated location data source to help mock incoming GPS positions using a polyline.
  • A new trace type, called the Isolation Trace, has been added to the utility network.
  • Deprecations and bug fixes

For a high-level overview from our product team, check out the 100.8 post highlighting the release. For detailed information per platform or to download and get started with 100.8, see the links below.


Other changes

The ArcGIS StreetMap Premium downloadable sample for developers has been updated to 2020R1.

The Supplemental ArcGIS Runtime Data downloads, including Coordinate Systems and Transformations Tables, Projection Engine Data, and Hydrography Data have all been updated for ArcGIS Runtime 100.8.

Minor updates to ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.15 and 3.32 documentation.

Bug fixes

Fixes a bug in the ArcGIS Developer dashboard where some password managers could not correctly fill payment fields.

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