June 30, 2021

Updates and features

ArcGIS Arcade releases new documentation

ArcGIS Arcade, the portable, lightweight, and secure expression language written for use in the ArcGIS platform has completed a major overhaul of their documentation here on the ArcGIS Developers site. This update includes new navigation and a cleaner design for faster, easier access to functions and profiles.

Documentation updates for ArcGIS Online release

With the release of ArcGIS Online this week, many APIs have also released updated versions, functionality, and documentation.

ArcGIS API for Javascript:

Version 4.20 release notes

Version 3.37 release notes

ArcGIS Rest API:

GeoEnrichment Service documentation

Spatial Analysis Service documentation

Users, Groups, and Items release notes

World Geocoding Service release notes


Web Map Specification documentation

Web Scene Specification documentation

Tile Package Specification added to documentation page

ArcGIS Runtime and adding raster data

All ArcGIS Runtime APIs now include documentation for adding raster data stored on your device or raster data from an image service.

Choose your preferred API below learn more about adding raster data:

Other changes

Several updates to FAQ and Glossary

Changed basemaps tile cache to improve tile load performance.

Added correct attribution for Open Street Maps basemap in the Tile Estimator

Bug fixes

Fixed bug where Runtime Lite licenses were not being properly generated for signed-in users.

Fixed bug that prevented File Geodatabase imports.

Fixed incorrect usage calculation for GeoEnrichment service.

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