August 25, 2021

Updates and features


ArcGIS Runtime 100.12 Update

Minor updates were released today for ArcGIS Runtime which include:

  • New Geotrigger API.
  • Support for floor-aware maps.
  • Support for web map specification 2.20.
  • Additional support for true curves.
  • Support control measure lines with ordered anchor points in Arcade-based military dictionary styles.
  • New feature-oriented properties and methods on annotation layers.
  • Additional voice guidance customizations for navigation.
  • Read and edit standalone mobile geodatabases.
  • Deprecations, bug fixes, and more.

For a high-level overview from our product team, check out the 100.12 post highlighting the release. For detailed information per platform or to download and get started with 100.12, see the links below.


ArcGIS Arcade releases version 1.14

ArcGIS Arcade version 1.14 includes both new and updated functions with support for nautical-miles, and new profiles. Check out the release notes to get started with the new version.

Other changes

Changes to the account usage graph to help better inform users of how services are being consumed daily.

Bug fixes

Broken links

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