August 6, 2020

Updates and features

ArcGIS Survey123 developer documentation move to the ArcGIS Developers site

Esri's smart forms and data collection app ArcGIS Survey123, is extensible and customizable by developers. Now the documentation to do that lives here on the ArcGIS Developers site. Check out the new beta version of the documentation and provide us feedback via the feedback widget on the right side of each page.

ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1 releases with new SDK download available

With the release of ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1, you can now download the latest SDK directly from your dashboard. Note: all downloads require sign in with your ArcGIS Developer or ArcGIS Online account.

Web AppBuilder Developer Edition releases 2.17

ArcGIS Web AppBuilder Developer Edition now includes Business Analyst, Parcel Drafter, and Smart Editor tools. Learn more about this latest release here and/or sign in to to download the latest version of the SDK.

ArcGIS Experience Builder Developer Edition releases 1.1

ArcGIS Experience Builder Developer Edition has released version 1.1. This version includes a new component called Storybook, new samples and widgets, and offline install. Version 1.1 does include breaking changes so be sure to check out the full release notes to learn more. Download the latest or past ArcGIS Experience Builder SDKs here.

Other changes

Documentation added for ArcGIS Rest API Mission Server, which allows you to administer ArcGIS Mission Server programmatically.

ArcGIS API for Python updated all "Try it Live" URLs for Python API samples to point to ArcGIS Notebook items in a public ArcGIS Online organization, helping to streamline the prototyping and learning process.

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