October 15, 2020

Updates and features

ArcGIS API for JavaScript versions 4.17 and 3.34 released:

  • Updates to ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.17 including documentation:

    • Faster loading and preprocessing for FeatureLayers with many features.
    • The StreamLayer can now handle faster websocket streams.
    • CSVLayer, GeoJSONLayer and FeatureLayer created from client-side graphics are now taking advantage of a worker to store the data allowing more background client-side queries without interfering the user interface.
    • The VectorTileLayer has an improved experience when loading and interacting with the map.
    • Point SceneLayers now load and display up to twice as fast.
    • Query features of a BuildingSceneLayer directly in the client.
    • Ability to now constrain navigation to a polygon or extent.
    • Bug fixes, enhancements and much more.
    • Download API
  • Updates to ArcGIS API for JavaScript 3.34 including documentation:

    • Bug fixes and enhancements.
    • Additional package version updates.
    • Download API

Other changes

Updated documentation for Web Map Specification and Web Scene Specification with October release of ArcGIS Online.

Fix broken links.

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