October 3, 2019

Updates and features

Note: This week's ArcGIS for Developers release coincides with the ArcGIS Online 7.3 release.

AGO 7.3 release updates:

Other updates

Site bug fixes

  • Fixes issue in which sticky navigation was not working in some browsers.

ArcGIS for Developers Vector Tile Style Editor updates and bug fixes:

  • Upgrade to Angular 8.

  • Layer Editor panel: add layer type description next to the active layer title.

  • Use organization-provided geocoders and exportTaskUrl.

  • Fixes issue in Edit by Group and Edit by Color where solid black was interpreted as no fill.

  • Fixes issue where editing label contrast or color in manual mode did not always apply change.

  • Fixes issue where users were unable to save style or edit sprites when not the style owner.

  • Fixes edge case in which a color edit is canceled and then color is set to undefined.