December 19, 2019

Updates and features


ArcGIS API for JavaScript Releases 3.31 and 4.14

The ArcGIS API for JavaScript has updated to 3.31 and 4.14.

Updates to 3.x include bug fixes, breaking changes, and a property enhancement to the OauthInfo class. Learn more about the 3.31 update in the release notes.

4.x updates include new features such as:

  • Performance enhancements
  • API Modernization
  • 2D Point Clustering (beta)
  • 3D Line of Sight and Daylight Widgets
  • Labels for 3D Object Scene Layers
  • Embedded map navigation enhancements
  • Guide page exposing color ramps
  • Updated Projection Engine
  • Breaking changes and bug fixes

ArcGIS Runtime Releases Version 100.7

For the final release of the year, the Update 7 release expands capabilities for Utilities, Defense & Public Safety, as well as providing some more platform-driven functionality. A preview of some of the new features include:

  • New network traces for utilities
  • A new Subtype Feature Layer
  • Optimizations for augmented reality capabilities
  • Changes to utility network, user type, and extension licensing
  • New SDK samples and updates to our Open Source Apps

To read an overview of the ArcGIS Runtime 100.7 release see the blog post Announcing ArcGIS Runtime 100.7 by Product Managers Nick Furness and Rex Hansen.

For specific SDK release notes see:


ArcGIS Web AppBuilder Releases Version 2.15

Esri's intuitive what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) application ArcGIS Web AppBuilder version 2.15 was has been released.

Below are a few highlights of the new version:

  • Add Data widget now supports adding WFS OGC web services.
  • Publish results as a hosted feature layer using both the Distance and Direction and Visibility widgets.
  • The Threat Analysis widget now allows you to add custom threat types and associated evacuation distances.

Read more about ArcGIS Web AppBuilder Releases Version 2.15 in the release notes

Other changes

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