August 11, 2021

Updates and features

Web Map Spec and Web Scene Spec Documentation Restructured

The ArcGIS Web Map Specification and Web Scene Specification have been given a thorough polishing and moved to our new documentation system. The UI changes allow for easier updates and will help developers more easily find what they need.

Go to item in VTSE

The ArcGIS Vector Tile Style Editor now offers a quick link in the sidebar to the currently open style. The link will open the item where the style is stored in ArcGIS Online.

Site/Service bug fixes

  • Fixes site feedback widget that did not close upon submission.

  • Fix for sprites when requesting resources/sprites/sprite.json on a basemap item. Passing an API key that has a referrer restriction on it now succeeds.

  • Fixes documentation bug where clicking on an item in the topic navigation can cause a console error.

  • Various fixes and improvements to the ArcGIS Vector Tile Style Editor.

  • Fixes for broken links (ongoing)

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