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Checking job status

Checking job status for services

Tasks in the Elevation Analysis services generally execute asynchronously, meaning that you submit a request (or job), and then poll the service for status. When the status is esriJobSucceeded, you then access the results of the task. When you submit a request, the Elevation service returns to you a unique job ID for the transaction.

Syntax: For Elevation tasks<task name>/jobs/<jobId>

Syntax: For Hydrology tasks<task name>/jobs/<jobId>

The value for <task name> includes such entries as Profile or Watershed.

You can use the job ID to periodically check the status of the job and messages. Additionally, if the job has successfully completed, you can use the job ID to retrieve the results.

jobStatus values

The jobStatus property can have the following values:

  • esriJobSubmitted
  • esriJobWaiting
  • esriJobExecuting
  • esriJobSucceeded
  • esriJobFailed
  • esriJobTimedOut
  • esriJobCancelling
  • esriJobCancelled