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Delete (Backup)


The delete operation removes a specific backup from a deployment. This operation cannot be reversed. Before performing this operation, take time to ensure that critical data won't deleted by mistake. Once the operation is complete, the backup files are permanently removed from the backup store and cannot be retrieved.

Request parameters


Introduced at 11.0. This parameter specifies whether the operation will run synchronously or asynchronously. If false, the operation is run synchronously. If true, the operation is run asynchronously and the response returns a JSON object containing job information that can be used to track the job's status. The default value is false.

Values: true | false


The response format. The default format is html.

Values: html | json | pjson

Example usage

The following is a sample POST request for the delete operation:

POST /context/admin/system/disasterrecovery/backuprestore/backups/backup/delete HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Content-Length: []


JSON Response examples

The following response is returned, if async is false, when a backup is successfully deleted:

{"status": "success"}

If async is true, the response returns a JSON object containing job information. The value returned for the jobsUrl property can be used to access the job resource, which can be polled to return updated job status information. For more information, see the Job resource topic.

  "jobsUrl": "",
  "jobid": "j7c8820d0-ea2f-427a-ab6f-a8cc2c927fe4",
  "status": "SUBMITTED"