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Export (Upgrades)


The export operation uploads to the deployment the curated warnings and events for a particular upgrade or update, which can then be downloaded and used to troubleshoot any failures or errors that occurred during the upgrade.

Request parameters


Specifies the information included in the exported upgrade data. This parameter only supports one value.

Values: warningsEvents

Example usage

The following is a sample POST request for the export operation:

POST /context/admin/system/upgrades/history/exports/64426e0b-1089-4500-863e-2dc58ddbdc35 HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Content-Length: []


Accessing the export data

Once the export request is submitted, the page will redirect to an asynchronous job resource. To download the export information, navigate to the uploaded item in the Enterprise Admin directory or use the URL returned in the job's details to directly access the uploaded item.

  "result": {"URL": ""},
  "updatedtime": 1681770556182,
  "jobid": "ja2570377-d41a-48c5-b7c7-4b2f7d31ab9b",
  "resource": {"name": "Upgrade warnings and events"},
  "requestID": "2a31cb79-1738-4288-ade1-4d72cc911798",
  "name": "exportUpgradeEventsAndWarnings",
  "endtime": 1681770556186,
  "starttime": 1681770555920,
  "operationURI": "/arcgis/admin/system/upgrades/history/exports/17e97078-3cd6-465a-997f-aa9cac33d7e7",
  "status": "COMPLETED",
  "username": "administrator"

Choosing to download the upgrade data will download a .zip folder containing the warning and event information from the upgrade.