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Jobs (GP Service)

  • URL:https://<root>/services/<folder>/<serviceName.serviceType>/jobs
  • Operations:Query
  • Child Resources:Job
  • Version Introduced:10.9.1


The jobs resource provides access to operations that locate and monitor current asynchronous jobs being run by a geoprocessing service. From the jobs resource, you can query for jobs using filters such as the start and end time for the job, the job's status, or the username of the user who submitted the job.

After a job has been completed, either failing or succeeding, it remains in the system until the system cleans it based on internal criteria, and at a defined cleanup interval (determined by the CleanGPJobs task).

Request parameters


The response format. The only supported response format is html.

Example usage

The following is a sample request URL used to access the jobs resource: